is it?

It is a new software suite based on the application of artificial intelligence and big data , which guides tourism, allowing the creation and automatic recommendation of customized and / or adapted dynamic packages, based on the combination of different travel services from tourism providers.

The new traveler

He has in his hands a great power of information, comparison, choice and decision.

The big challenge for tour operators is to analyze the new competitive scenario and align their products and services with this new client.

With S.A.E.T.A. they will be able to cover all the possibilities of choice when setting up their trips, within a fast, comfortable, flexible and guaranteed process.

Who is it for?

How do we do it?

In addition to facilitating tourism companies to be the first to reach the market of travelers who want to enjoy travel experiences fully customized and / or adapted.

Flights Hotels Activities in destination Transfers And much more...

Design your tailored trips in detail, in a dynamic and simple way.

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