How does it work

  • In it, the "bidders" will be the hoteliers and the "providers" of services will be the multiple service providers.
  • A "Market place" or community will be created, in which both hoteliers and suppliers will be.
  • Some, will demand any product that they need for their supply and others, will return to a system the best possible offer for that particular product.
  • The system will return the user the best offer for the requested product in record time, and will only have to accept the offer to close the agreement.


  • Hostelry

    • Savings in costs as a result of the reduction in purchase prices.
    • Increase in the value added chain.
    • Elimination of human intervention in decisive processes for the hospitality business.
    • Management of warehouse inventories automatically.
    • Compensation in case of not receiving the merchandise as stipulated in the platform.
  • Suppliers

    • Visibility. Access to thousands of new clients impossible to access to date.
    • Increase in your profit by eliminating expenses in commercial and sales network.
    • Savings in distribution expenses.
    • Access to Big Data in premium service. Inside information inaccessible until then.

Horeca consultancy

Thanks to the amount of data of each user and provider accumulated as well as their behavior in the user area and purchase procedure, we can carry out:

  1. Understanding and study of purchasing trends in the future market.
  2. Information and behaviors hitherto unknown in the market.
  3. Global information union. Detailed product statistics | zone | people | consumption | etc.
  4. Preparation of reports with visual graphics and studies of behavior percentages. Big Data, neural networks, machine learning and several new technologies applied to the sector.
  5. Prediction and analysis of future market trends.
  6. Data privacy exclusively of the platform.

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