“The right insurance for the right customer”.

Insurtech comes to insurance to make it easier for insurance companies to focus on the client.

The insurers today must

How does it work

The Insurtech application developed by Iplusdinnova allows

The best insurance options for each person and context based on the profiles of the users.

The process

  1. The user, once registered in case of being a new client, enters personal information and their products, in this way, a profile is built.
  2. Thanks to a system of alerts, analyzes of the different products are produced when they have to be renewed. Through systems of reading and interpretation of natural language, the analysis is carried out according to the coverage.
  3. When any of a user´s insurance is in the period near renovation, the system begins to establish its "negotiation" mechanisms to optimize user policies.
  4. The insurance of the client is offered to the different insurers, who from an autonomous and automatic auction system, will bid to make the best offer for a limited time by the Artificial Intelligence algorithm.
  5. Once there is a "winning" insurance, the client will be asked if he wants to renew it for this, arguing that this has been selected. The customer has the last word at all times.
  6. Over time, thanks to Machine Learning techniques, the system can, in the future, make the most optimal renovations for each user without the intervention of this.
  7. The objective is that the client sees the renewal of their policies as a game, whose objective is to improve not only their price but also their coverage. The insurance would already be seen with another perception by the user; closest and friendliest.

Save time and money with the combination and customization of insurance

Why cover the same quality with two different insurances when you can optimize the policies that cover you?

After all this process, we obtain several possibilities of combined insurance, which again, we will check with the data provided with the profile of each user to see as a whole which are the options that best fit and can finally offer three insurance results combined:

We can throw the result as "closed price", a price for all the insurances to be hired, and from that moment, to be able to offer "improvements" in the offered "package" of insurance.

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