It involves the use of technology in the provision of legal services to create software or online services that:

  • Reduce or eliminate the need to go to the legal sector in its most traditional form.
  • Accelerate the procedures and task management of the lawyers themselves, reducing the time a professional must invest in many of their tasks, and with it the cost.
  • They simplify and modify the way of contacting legal professionals and potential clients.


Intelligent legal assistant

It is a tool based on techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data that allows the realization of Demands and Resources, in civil, criminal, administrative and social law.

There are two ways to interact with the tool

  • Query mode

    Traditional way of looking for resources for the writing of a demand. Through specific words given by a form will provide sentences to similar demands and an analysis of them.

  • Decision support mode

    As the demand is elaborated, the system will make suggestions based on the analysis of jurisprudence that allows strengthening the demand, as determining elements, relevant characteristics, exceptional cases, all the laws involved, all existing jurisprudence, etc.


  • Increased effectiveness in daily tasks
  • Increase in the individual productivity of each lawyer.
  • Elevation of the degree of excellence.
  • Minimization of errors, by reducing human contact with information and having the support of a system that continuously learns.
  • Significant increase in the profit and loss account of the dispatches.
  • Clients totally satisfied.
  • Improvement of the image and impact towards customers

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